We have yet to find a problem or life situation that the Scriptures do not address. We are not saying that Biblical Counseling is always the whole answer. Sometimes there are health issues involved that require the services of a medical doctor. We have also used financial planners, debt counselors and lawyers to help address various problems. And of course the faithful ministry of elders, deacons and pastors is essential. But the Lord Himself is always at the center of every situation.
There is not a happy ending to every problem. Some sicknesses are not healed. Some marriages do fail and some people do have to face financial ruin. Yet even in these situations there is hope, strength, comfort and forgiveness in Christ. The truths of God’s love and wisdom in Christ need to be made clear especially when life is hard. The Bible teaches that most of our problems are actually the result of sin, our own and other’s. Our desire is to view problems as Christ sees our problems, knowing that He has an answer for every situation we face. Any marriage can be restored, any relationship healed, every sin overcome in Jesus Christ. Certainly the change does not come instantly: it requires a lot of work from the counselor and the counselee. However, the real strength and wisdom come from the Lord Himself.