God has called us to a unique ministry in West Michigan. We stand out for the following reasons:
– We function as a ministry, not a business. We ask our counselees for donations but do not require payment. This allows us to minister to all who need our services. And since we are a Biblical ministry we do not believe it is right to “charge” people for the Word of God any more than a Church would charge someone to attend a worship service.
– We consciously put Christ first. We are evangelistic; seeking to lead our counselees to Christ if they do not already know Him as their Savior.
– We rely upon the Bible and its eternal truths rather than the constantly changing values and ideas of man popular in secular counseling.
– We require that our counselors have more training in the Bible than in secular counseling training.
– We seek to bring honor to God, even if that is difficult for the counselee. We view painful situations as being ordained by a loving God and as opportunities to grow and change. Therefore we teach our counselees to rely on God and His resources rather than giving solutions that simply offer relief or make them happy.
– We have hope in every situation. Many situations in life are beyond our ability to understand or to cope with. God is able to strengthen us by His Spirit and to give us wisdom beyond our own. He even gives us a peace that passes understanding. No matter how bad things may be there is always hope and comfort in Christ!
– We seek to honor the church as God’s approved authority over His people. We do not try to replace the Pastor and Elders, but desire to assist them. We work with the church not against it. We talk with the spiritual authorities of our counselees when necessary. seeking to avoid conflicting advice.